Understanding Karate

The Meaning: Most Karate students don’t even understand the name of their own style of martial art. The term karate came from the characters Kara (Meaning – China) and te (Meaning – Hand). Later  Japan modified the meaning of kara to “empty” so it became Empty Handed. Over time, the emphasis of hands in Karate changed to kicks. Because kicks are more spectacular for spectators. And they’re awarded more points than hand strikes in tournaments. So, students tend to work harder on improving their kicks and less on their hands. Yet Karate was a hand oriented martial art by origin. Before we now when was karate invented let’s read more.

Invention : 

When was Karate invented Shihan? A very common question asked each day by thousands of disciples. Now to clarify things better we have to put some light on the history of Karate itself. Karate is a defensive martial art originated from Japan’s Ryukyu Kingdom. Today it is one of the most well known martial art & Olympic Sport around the globe. We encourage you to join our Karate training classes in Kolkata to know more. The true history & essence of this ancient martial art is can be tested only by practising it.

Imortant Persons, Dates and Books

1905: Karate was included as a Physical Education Programs at Okinawa.

1917: First demonstration of Funakoshi for karate-do.

1922: First demonstration of Funakoshi at the Kodokan Dojo requested by Dr. Jano Kano.

1924: First Karate Club established in Japan, at Keio University.

1936:  Ryukyu Shimpo Newspaper sponsored a meeting for Okinawan Karate masters.

1939: First formal Shotokan Karate training school opened in Japan.

1945: First Dojo opened in The United States.

1949:  Japan Karate Association (JKA) formed.

1950s: Karate spread to United Kingdom region.

1960s: Karate spread to Soviet Union and got banned.

1970-1980: Karate grew in popularity in India 1964: Shotokan Karate spread in France.

1989: Karate was legalized in the Soviet Union.

Gichin Funakoshi: Founder of the Shotokan Style.
Hironori Otsuka: Founder of the Wadō-ryū Style.
Kenwa Mabuni: Founder of the Shitō-ryū Style.
Mas Oyama: Founder of the Kyokushin Style.
Chojun Miyagi: Founder of the Goju-Ryu Style.
Tatsuo Shimabuku: Founder of the Isshin-Ryu Style.
Chōshin Chibana: Founder of the Shorin-Ryu Style.
Dr. Jano Kano: Founder of Japanese judo.
Itosu Anko: Known as “Grandfather of Karate” introduced Karate to Okinawan schools and increased public awareness with a more easy to learn simplified version.

Black Belt Karate: The Intensive Course

Karate-Do: My Way of Life

Karate Fighting Techniques: The Complete Kumite

Mas Oyama’s Complete Karate Course

Mas Oyama’s Essential Karate

The Shotokan Karate Bible: Beginner to Black Belt

Goju Ryu Karate Kyohan

Sabaki Method: Karate in the Inner Circle

Shotokan’s Secret-Expanded Edition: The Hidden Truth Behind

Karate’s Fighting Origins

Bunkai-Jutsu: The Practical Application of Karate Kata

Kata Bunkai: The Secret Karate Techniques

Bunkai of the Shotokan Kata

Actually When was Karate Invented?

In 1921-22 but the evlution started way back in 1853 approximately

Karate history in India?

when was karate invented - bodhidharma

Bodhidharma, the 28th ancestor in the tradition of Gautam Buddha. He originated from India and sent out to spread Buddhism. He not only spread religion but also taught martial arts, Yoga & Ayurveda. One of such places was Ryukyu Islands (now known as Okinawa,  Japan ). With the help of direct Chinese influence through trade and culture, it was possible. But King Sho Hashi of Chuzan in 1429 banned all Ryu Kyuans from possessing weapons. So the only way left for self-defense was “Empty Handed”. The residents of Shuri, Naha and Tomari regions practiced & kept it a secret. Later a modified version of this became karate. Hence you can say it all started from India. But evolved in different regions/ countries according to their needs.